Introducing The Sports Clash

We’re all missing sports … so let’s talk about it.

As sports fans everywhere sit here in quarantine during the crisis that has been the year 2020, we’re dying for some competition, and there’s only so much money one can lose gambling on the weather.

While we work our way back , with sports popping up here and there (hello, Korean Baseball), we thought to ourselves, what better time to start up a sports site? So, what can we provide?

  • Daily gambling picks – We’ll provide our records as we go so you can decide who, if any of us, you can trust.
  • Sharp opinions – We’ve sure got a lot of feelings about our teams, and we’ll share them here so you can tell us how wrong we are.
  • Weekly videos and other media – We’ll stay up to date on the latest topics in the sports world and hope to provide interesting, fun and loud debate

In the end, this whole thing is going to start with two lifelong friends who live and breathe sports and rarely agree on favorite teams, players and strategies, creating content that we hope you’ll all enjoy. And we’ll see how it goes from there.

Follow us here and of course, on Twitter @TheSportsClash and on as we start to roll out content starting in May.

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